block virus installation for the spring break art show 2016 :: titled "zika: phase 2" :: SOLD

creators project article 

 photo by marc azoulay

photo by marc azoulay

large block virus installed at Future Space in Brooklyn :: internal lighting by Beau


block viruses and growths ::

block genie 4.jpg

block virus instillation inside ACME Studio

first of the block virus sculptures :: 

nyc rooftop water tower lounge made of pallet && sunken steamship wood :: w// folding ladder && lighthouse top


team dada doodoo :: propane fed flaming toilet cart for Idiotarod 2017 :: made with Takao and Dan Glass

 photo by marc azouley 

photo by marc azouley 


toilet swing :: made w// Takao ::

design and direction for Body Language's video "Really Love" ::

rogue nyc subway ads :: I was ultimately arrested for 'criminal mischief' by an unassuming undercover cop

 photo by tod seelie

photo by tod seelie

booth installation at sugarburg, brooklyn :: bend pallet wood veneer :: brain scan light boxes

"night heron speakeasy" SOLD

"greenwood cemetery"

"domino sugar factory"

"kutshers resort"

"echo vault // 2nd avenue station"

"streets of brooklyn"

"tubes of staten island"

"penn hills resort" SOLD